How to Register MyGroundbiz Account 

Creating a MyGroundBiz account can be a quick and easy process and a helpful tool for businesses and individuals who frequently ship packages through FedEx. MyGroundBiz is a web-based service provider by FedEx that allows you to manage your shipping needs, including creating and printing labels, scheduling pickups, tracking packages, and more.

In this blog, we will go over the steps for registering for a MyGroundBiz account, so you can start using this convenient service for your shipping needs.

Note: The MyGroundBiz account is for approved and registered users who have business partnerships with FedEx Ground. 

register mygroundbiz account

MyGroundBiz is a very safe and encrypted service. You can also rely on the information supplied on the portal. FedEx designed MyGroundBiz to be incredibly user-friendly, with simple navigation and a clean appearance.

Register MyGroundBiz Account

One can follow the above steps to register a MyGroundbiz account.  

#1. Visit MyGroundBiz Website

The first step in registering for a MyGroundBiz account is to go to the MyGroundBiz website. You can find the website by typing “MyGroundBiz” into a search engine or by going directly to the URL

#2. Click on the “Sign Up” Button

Once you are on the MyGroundBiz homepage, you will see a “Sign In” box on the left side of the page. Enter your FedEx ID and click on the Login button to start the registration process.

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#3. Enter Your Personal And Business Information

Next, you will be asked to enter some personal and business information. It includes your name, email address, phone number, and company name (if applicable). It will also ask you to create a password and to agree to the terms and conditions of the MyGroundBiz service.

Make sure to review the terms and conditions carefully before clicking the “Continue” button.

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#4. Choose Your Account Type

After you have entered your personal and business information, you will be asked to choose your account type. There are two options available: “Individual” and “Business.”

If you are individual shipping packages for personal use, you should select the “Individual” option. If you are a business shipping packages on behalf of your company, you should select the “Business” option.

#5. Enter Your Billing Information 

The next step in the registration process is to enter your billing information. It includes your billing address, credit card information, and any special billing instructions.

Make sure to carefully review all of the information you have entered before clicking the “Continue” button.

#6. Verify Your Email Address

After you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email from FedEx with a link to verify your email address. Click on the link to complete the verification process and activate your MyGroundBiz account.

#7. Log in to Your Account

Once your email address has been verified, you can log in to your MyGroundBiz account using your email address and password. It will take you to the MyGroundBiz dashboard, where you can use the service to manage your shipping needs.

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Note: The first time you log in to, you’ll need to register your details and update your password for security reasons.

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That’s it! You have now successfully registered for a MyGroundBiz account and can start using this convenient service to manage your shipping needs. With MyGroundBiz, you can create and print labels, schedule pickups, track packages, and more from your home or office.

Whether you are individual packages for personal use or business shipping packages on behalf of your company, MyGroundBiz can help make shipping packages easier and more efficient. 


One should be a registered user or partner of FedEx to create an account on FedEx established MyGroundBiz to engage with customers and keep them up to speed on the company’s newest news and updates.

It is important to update your password after logging into your MyGroundbiz account. When you create a My Ground Biz Account, you will be able to view FedEx corporate information, success story videos, vendor contact information, consumer-related news notifications, and settlement/charge statements. You may also purchase and sell automobiles on MyGroundBiz. 

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