How to Access MyGroundBiz FedEx on Mobile?

MyGroundBiz is a helpful and secure portal for FedEx users. MyGroundBizAccount allows you to access information about the FedEx company.

You can seek information about vendors, their contact numbers, success stories, news alerts, and charge and settlement statements.

Along with a lot of beneficial features, MyGroundBiz Account lets you sell or buy vehicles. Here, in this article, you will learn how to access MyGroundBiz FedEx on mobile.

Also, there is a lot more information available about the MyGroundBiz FedEx that you should know.

Access MyGroundBiz FedEx on Mobile

The process is almost the same for accessing MyGroundBiz FedEx on all devices. If you are logging in to your account on the MyGroundBiz website, follow the instructions mentioned in the given tutorial.


  • You can check Charge Statements.
  • Get the Invoice Information.
  • You can also see the Workforce Information on the portal.
  • See the FedEx Consumer connection.
  • Check Schedules.
  • Get the information on the vehicles.
  • Workforce Management Guides are also given in the portal.
  • Message Center
  • Users can also get Operation Information from the portal.
  • Get IC reports and data.
  • You can also see CSP agreements.
  • Get ISP Reports and data.
  • You can also see the Employee Association details on the portal.
  • Along with all these, many more features and options are available for users.


  • FedEx ID number and Password
  • Active Internet Connection

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Steps To Access MyGroundBiz FedEx

  • First of all, visit the official website of MyGroundBiz.
  • Enter your FedEx Id number and Password.
  • Tap on Sign in, and you will be landed on the MyGroundBiz Account dashboard.
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FedEx Mobile App

FedEx has introduced a Mobile App for FedEx users. If you are a Mobile user, you can use the FedEx Mobile App for easy access to all information.

Even without logging in with your account, you can get access to much information in the FedEx App. You can check the status of your FedEx Express packages, see the FedEx locations, and get a rate and transit time quote.

However, you must log in with your account to get more information and account-specific features. You will require your FedEx ID number and Password to login on to the FedEx Mobile App.

mygroundbiz on mobile

After logging in to your account, you can get features like automatic shipment uploading for tracking shipments, creating an international shipment, account-specific rates, and transit time quotes.

Benefits of The FedEx Mobile App

  • Check the status of your package.
  • Easy Tracking and Shipment
  • Control your delivery with the FedEx Delivery Manager.
  • Easy Login with Fingerprint.
  • Sign for packages easily with your phone.
  • The App also allows you to create a shipping label.
  • Check the current status of all your shipments. And get the notifications for them.
  • FedEx Virtual Assistant is available to help users.
  • You can create International Shipments.
  • Schedule and Manage Pickups.
  • Quick Rate and Transit Time Quotes.
  • Find the FedEx locations.

Forgot MyGroundBiz Username Or Password

If you are trying to access MyGroundBiz FedEx on Mobile, you will require your FedEx User ID and Password to login into your account. You can’t log in without these credentials. And if you forget your MyGroundBiz User ID or Password, you can reset it with the help of the given tutorial.

  • To reset your login credentials, you first need to visit the website.
  • From there, tap on the Forgot Password option.
  • Now, you must enter the email address you used to create your MyGroundBiz account.
  • Now, you will be sent a mail regarding resetting your Password, along with the Password reset instructions.
  • Follow the instructions, and set a new password for your account.

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MyGroundBiz Contact Information

If you want more help, you seek help from the customer service of MyGroundBiz. The MyGroundBiz customer service is open for users from 7 am to 12 pm from Monday to Friday and 7 am to 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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To get help, you can call on the number 18004357647 for free and get assistance.


  1. What is the FedEx employee app?

    FedEx introduced the FedEx employee app for FedEx employees. Employees can use it for account research and routine transactions. They can also view their account balance and history of transactions, pay bills, make account transfers, make loan payments, etc.

  2. How do I access my FedEx account?

    You can easily access your FedEx account by visiting the official FedEx website. You can register a new FedEx account or log in if you already have one. MyGroundBiz account offers many benefits to the users; they can access all the information about the company, account, and more.

  3. What is a MyGroundBiz account?

    MyGroundBiz is a beneficial portal developed for FedEx users. Users can access the portal with their User ID number and Password. And they can access a company’s information, see success stories, buy or sell vehicles, get Settlement/charge statements, and more.

  4. Why can’t I log in to my FedEx account?

    You can’t log in to your FedEx account because you have exceeded the maximum number of failed attempts allowed to log in. You can wait for 60 minutes to try again. And if you forget your password, you can reset it too.


So, that is How to access MyGroundBiz FedEx on Mobile. If you want to access your MyGroundBiz Account on your phone, this article will help you. Above, you will get all the information and tutorial to access your MyGroundBiz FedEx account on your mobile.

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Note that you must have your login credentials, i.e., FedEx ID number and Password, to login into your account. If you don’t remember your password, follow the tutorial to reset the password given above.

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